Friday, January 6, 2017

The New Jam: Hollerado, "Born Yesterday"

Hollerado's new single, "Born Yesterday" sounds like the work of a younger, fresher band - maybe even one from a decade or more ago. Compared to singles like "Juliette," "Americanarama," "Got To Lose" "Pick Me Up," "So It Goes" and "Fireflies," which intermittently blend their garagey DIY power pop with funk, bluegrass, and a whole bunch of other neat tricks there aren't really words for, "Born Yesterday" sounds a bit primordial - a callback to the early-2000's pop-punk boom, a three-chord throwback to the Ramones played at blistering speed and big enough to fill an arena. It's the same sound that Weezer has been trying to recapture for the back half of their career (occasionally with great success, don't take that as a dig, Rivers.)

And yet, they still sound utterly like themselves. If the song is simplistic, it's still pure Hollerado: powerful, fun, joyful and inescapably catchy - before it's even over it feels like it's been one of your favourite songs for years. The anthemic chorus, "You make me feel / Like I was born yesterday / Like I've never been broken" - is pure Hollerado, and the verses carry that characteristic eloquence, wit and heart. It shows that pure joy in making music and that strangely studied knowledge of the craft that it takes to make the call todo something so stripped down and not have it come out sounding halfway-there. This song fits together like clockwork. They have done more ambitious things, but they don't need to reinvent the wheel every time out to prove they know how to drive. I could go for a whole disc in this vein, easily, although knowing this band's restless experimentation it's likely just a piece of their next sonic puzzle.

I've been cheerleading for this band for years, and I'll be cursed if they're not still one of the best things going in this sodden world.