Friday, January 16, 2015

That Song Belongs To Me: 2014 in Music

The 16th of the January is, by some reckonings, too late to bother spending time reflecting on the previous year, but this blog has never been all that concerned with timeliness anyway. I also, famously (as famous as I can be to the three regular readers I have) am not a huge fan of regular year-end lists: while they can be useful, I certainly didn't listen to enough music myself throughout the year to form any kind of authoritative list. I listened to a lot of good music - some of which was from this year - but the year ended early for me on that score.

Back in July, I found out the store where I'd worked for nearly 5 years was closing by the end of September. I wasn't devastated exactly, but it meant an upheaval. There were times over the course of the next three months that I felt broken and lost, confused how to proceed. It wasn't just that I was losing income (I was fairly sure I could find a way to make money) it was that I was losing something that provided a lot of stability in my daily routine. Something that, in a way, had defined me since the middle of my undergrad years.