Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor Who 801, "Deep Breath" Write-Up: "Who frowned me this face?"

After taking an unannounced hiatus/sanity break from blogging, I'm back to rambling about stuff for the benefit of the internet. As luck would have it, this coincides with the return of new Doctor Who episodes - and by extension my write-ups for Comics! The Blog.

Series 8 of Doctor Who premieres at a time of uncertainty for the fans: there's high interest in the new lead actor, existing side-by-side with disappointment in his failure to be female and ongoing disenchantment with the programme's head writer. Meanwhile, the property has become more visible than it's been in its entire 50-year history and shows no sign of bending to the whims of its most vocal fans, much to the internet's frustration.

But the real question is, is the episode any good? Why form your own opinions when you can read mine!